My Spring Fashion Wishlist!

Today I went shopping at Nordstrom, not looking for anything in particular, I just wanted to check out all the new spring items! I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get so excited for spring, upcoming vacations, and retiring my Uggs for awhile. I thought it would be fun if I took pictures of my favorite things, like a wishlist, and share them with you guys. Obviously I didn’t buy all of this, but these are all really cute things that I love and totally would buy (and may in the future!) I have direct links to all of these items for you if you’re interested. Let me know what’s on your spring wishlist! XO


I’ve had my eye on this bag for awhile! I knew that if I didn’t get my Louis Vuitton Neverfull, I was going to get this intead. I ended up going with the Neverfull, however if you want a similar style bag at a GREAT price point (under $200!)- this is it!! It is so cute, amazing quality, and the perfect size. It comes in few other color combos but I love the black and white. You could use this as an everyday purse, work bag, travel bag, or even diaper bag.



Then I found these beauties! They have a slightly higher price point, but they are all leather and not canvas. I love the pretty metallic neutral colors, and the fun tassel.


Ok, as soon as I put these sunglasses on I felt like they were meant for me. I think they’re super flattering on, and they fit my face really well. They are a great price point for designer sunglasses at $126. Much cheaper than Rayban, Celine, Gucci, Tory Burch etc. I’ve never seen Lonchamp sunglasses in person until now, or heard anyone mention them, but I love them! I keep thinking about these and plan to order them soon. I love that they’re black on the front and the sides are tortoise shell. Such a classy and timeless combo.


I found a couple great options for crossbody bags! I have always been a big fan of the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, and I have a few in different colors. They are always one of my go-to easy bags. I also love the ‘small love’ and think its especially pretty in this gray color. I took a side shot so you could see how much would fit inside. The mini mac would definitely hold a little more but both are so cute, and if you’re a crossbody kind of girl who doesn’t carry a bunch of unnecessary stuff, these are perfect for you!

IMG_E0719This past year I’ve really become a shoe person. As someone who wears a lot of neutral colors and more classic clothing pieces, I’ve started to really get into different shoe options. I am a big espadrille fan, however often times they hurt my heels. These mule espadrilles eliminate that problem and are the perfect slide for spring and summer! Click here for the gray ones and here for the fun embroidered ones.


For a more casual option for by the pool or on the beach, I love these rubber slides. They’re super durable and more fashionable than your standard rubber slides. I love both colors but think I’m leaning toward the blush pink! Blush pink with a tan is my favorite!


This pullover totally reminds me of a Wildfox jumper, except it is much more affordable at under $65. This would be so cute on a vacation or for a casual comfy airport look. It is super soft and would be perfect with leggings and slides or sneakers.


I love preppy athleisure looks, and think this Vineyard Vines Quarter Zip is one of the cutest I’ve seen. I love stripes, and I love pink so this has my name all over it! It is currently on sale from $118 to $70!


I stumbled across this adorable Kate Spade Folio Case, and fell in love with the pattern! Is that not the prettiest floral pattern ever?! Love the blush pink, green, white and black together. It has card slots inside so it doubles as a wallet on the go. I’ve been thinking about going back and getting this, but need to figure out if I’m keeping my phone or upgrading before I buy it. It is available for the 7/8 and the X! If you’re into small leather goods, you will love this.


Nadri is my favorite fashion jewelry designer at Nordstrom. They have such great, very high quality pieces at affordable prices. My everyday solitare necklace that I wear in most of my videos is by Nadri. I found these crawler earrings (under $50!) and thought they were so fun. They wouldn’t work for me personally, because I have my ears double pierced, and triple pierced on one side, however if you like the look of multiple piercings but don’t want to commit, these are perfect. I love that they are dainty but still a statement earring.


That’s it for now! I plan to go back to Nordstrom and do another post like this soon. Let me know if you’re adding any of these items to your wishlist, or what is currently on it! XO

March 1, 2017



I had to share this great find with you guys. I frequent stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby. I love browsing and always check out the clearance section. I saw this gorgeous marble and gold cake stand and instantly fell in love with it. It is so heavy and well made. I love that it is made of genuine marble. The original price was $60, and I was lucky enough to get it on clearance for only $12! This is a piece that could be used many different ways. Of course you could be traditional and use it in the kitchen, but I decided to use it to display my most used products on my bathroom vanity. Personally I don’t like having a ton of things out all over the counter, but think this is a really pretty way to tastefully display your most reached for items.


I found this milk bath at TJ Maxx, and I have to say the packaging sold me. It is really classic and I love the old fashioned look of the bottle, and the little cow. My strawberry lotion from The Body Shop is a must have, and I usually get this from TJ Maxx as well. I also displayed some of my new Victoria’s Secret body sprays. These are old favorites of mine that I continue to repurchase. I bought Bobbi Brown Beach right before my wedding and honeymoon, so I will forever love this scent and the memories it brings back. I stopped using it for a few months over the winter, and I’m so excited to start using it again soon! I will do a more in depth post on my skincare routine soon, but I like to keep it simple and stick to just a few products. I have been using this amazing Doll Face mask that I was sent, and it has quickly become my favorite mask. It is a charcoal mask, which I love, and every time I use it I can actually see a difference. Mario Bedescu drying lotion is essential for those annoying little pimples that pop up. You just use q-tip and dab it on, and it helps speed up the healing and fading process by drying it out. This Estee Lauder cream is great for smoothing fine lines. Another new favorite that I have been using every day is my Lip Sense lip moisturizer. I am super picky when it comes to lip products, and this formula is seriously amazing. It provides great moisture and makes your lips nice and smooth and plump, therefore making lipsticks and glosses look way better on! I especially love to use it before I apply a matte lip product. I keep one in my nightstand too, and have been applying it every night before bed. This is one of the only lip balms I have tried that really works!

Monday, February 27, 2017




I recently made my first Louis Vuitton purchase, and wanted to share a mini review with you. I plan to make a whole video on this, but for now thought I would share a brief overview.


I have always been a lover of key pouch card cases. I think it is so convenient to have your keys and cards together in one place, and be able to run into the store with just those things, and leave your big bag at home or in the car. I had been eyeing this Louis Vuitton key pouch for awhile, but always went for the more affordable designer options. I have a few from Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, etc. that are high quality leather options, at a more affordable price. I still LOVE these and plan to keep them, but decided I was ready to splurge for the timeless classic Louis. This card case retails for $200. I feel like this is a pretty reasonable price for a Louis Vuitton piece. Some of their handbags are outrageously expensive in my opinion, but I think this was fair. The keychain itself feels nice and sturdy, and is gold plated. I’ve heard that after awhile they tend to chip, but this is to be expected when metal keys are scratching against it all day. The zipper is nice and smooth, and it actually fits a lot of cards! I went for the damier ebene print, and am so happy with my choice. I was deciding between this and the classic monogram but really love the ebene. I purchased mine from Saks in downtown Cincinnati and it was a great experience. I am already planning my next Louis purchase, so keep an eye out for that. 😉