Christmas Gift Guide: Toddler Girl

Hi friends! Today I’m excited to share what I’m getting Kensie for Christmas this year. I love gift guides, and especially love them when people show what they’re actually getting their kids, or things they already own and love, rather than just random ideas.

  1. Wiggle car: These are a super popular, very loved toy on the internet. No batteries, gears or pedals. Everyone I know who has one LOVES it! I had been waiting for this color to come back in stock so I grabbed it right away but it comes in multiple color combos
  2. Lady bug matching game: I’m trying to expand our kids game collection, because I think games are fun and different when you’re tired of playing with regular toys. I love matching games and this one has tonsss of 5 star reviews. I think this will keep her busy and engaged for a long time.
  3. Horse jewelry box: Kensie’s absolute favorite thing right now is horses. Her obsession started with the show Spirit Riding Free, which we watch every single day. It has now become a full blown obsession and she loves all things horses. She is the biggest girly girl and I know she is going to love this sweet jewelry box with the spinning horse. This style jewelry box is such a cute classic piece for little girls
  4. Magnatiles: She played with these at our neighbors house and really liked them. They are a pricier item and I’ve seen other brands make similar products on amazon, but after some research I decided that sticking with the original brand was best. Apparently the dupes aren’t nearly as good quality wise. The possibilities are endless with these. Pinterest ‘magnatile ideas’ and you will be blown away. From building, to homeschool related activities, I think we’ll use these a ton!
  5. Sensory bins: We have the garden theme sensory bin from this brand, and we gifted our neighbor the construction theme bin, and both are super cute. They have lots of themes- bake shop, ocean, outerspace etc. At under $20 these are a great gift recommendation when family members ask what they should get your kids. Affordable and hours of independent play
  6. Doll stroller: Kensie lovesss strollers, wagons, anything she can push and pull her babies and animals in. This one is super cute- love the iridescent pastel colors! We have a pricier wooden one that she loves but I thought this one would be nice to have to use outside too, and it’s under $40

I hope you found this helpful! If you’d like to see what we’re getting our baby, check out my baby gift guide as well!

I have a highlight on Instagram called ‘kids gift guide’ with more ideas as well.

Please remember that ‘things’ aren’t what make the holidays special, and although they are fun, kids really are simple to please. You do not need to go overboard. I love the idea of doing “Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.” I hope that as I share gift ideas with you, they help to simplify your holiday season and make your life a little easier by hunting down the good stuff for you!

Thanks for being here!