Toddler Easter Basket Ideas + What’s in Kensie’s Basket

Hi friends! If you’ve been around for awhile, you probably know Easter is my favorite holiday! I’ve always loved the happy colors and decor, the weather, the treats, and everything about it! Since having a baby, my love for it has gotten stronger 🙂 It’s so much fun being the Easter Bunny.

I wanted to share what’s in Kensie’s basket this year, + some extra ideas incase you’re in need of some inspo. All of these things are under $20, and useful things you can enjoy throughout the season.

Since she is only 2, I try to stay away from candy and instead find fun things she’ll enjoy a lot longer or things she actually needs (ex. swimsuit, pajamas)

  1. Jelly basket purse: I decided to go with this cute jelly basket this year, since next year I want to order matching baskets for her and baby sis. I thought this was cute and something she could carry throughout the spring and summer, collect rocks in, play dress up with, etc. It comes in tons of colors too.
  2. Green Toys Car: I actually got this for Kensie when she was under 1, so it isn’t in her basket this year, but such a cute idea I had to share! Green Toys are made from recycled milk jugs and one of our favorite affordable toy brands. Quick shipping on Amazon too!
  3. Cupcake Set: Another one of our Green Toys favorites! My Mom got this for Kensie for Valentine’s Day this year. We leave it sitting out on her little table in our family room and she reaches for it a ton. The colors are perfect for a spring holiday gift!
  4. Bunny Toy: Kensie loves little things. The smaller the better when it comes to little animals and figurines. When I found these on the Target website I knew I had to grab the bunny one for Easter. I love that it comes with the bunny food and she’ll have tons of fun feeding her little bunny on Easter. These are under $10 as well! She is starting to get into dolls more, and these make the perfect pets for dolls.
  5. Easter Egg Chalk: Chalk is pretty much a daily activity at our house in the spring and summer, so when I found this Easter Egg Chalk for under $3 at Target I had to add it to her basket!
  6. Plush Kitty: Another favorite toy brand in our house is B Toys. Kensie has a few of their plush toys and this kitty is so cute and springy! They have other animals like a mouse, and dog depending on what you prefer!
  7. Cuddle Bug Book: This is in my top 3 favorite books of all time! So fun to read! Under $5, and you’ll love adding this to your bedtime routine.
  8. Bird + Cage Toy: Ok this was just too cute. From the same collection as the bunny toy. She’ll love putting the bird in and out of the cage and it fit so perfectly with the spring theme.
  9. Pajama Set: I love adding in practical things that your child needed anyway, so a pair of pajamas or a swimsuit is always a great idea. These are things you likely needed to update for the season already, so find a fun pattern and toss it in their basket! I love the ruffle edge on this set and it has quick shipping on Amazon. We have a handful of jammies from this brand and the quality is great.
  10. Wooden Tea Set: My Mom actually got this tea set for Kensie for Easter last year, and she has played with it every week since! The quality of this is amazing, it is so precious and you’d never know it was under $20 on Amazon. This is my go-to gift when we attend little girls birthday parties.
  11. Popsicle Chalk: If you want a chalk option that’s available on Amazon, this popsicle set it so cute! Love the fun packaging!

If I was shopping for a little boy, I love this pair of Target swim trunks, and this B. Toys Truck!

Hope you have a Happy Easter!!